‘Ask the Doctor’

EHA lancerede d. 24. november 2016 ‘Ask the Doctor.
Læs om det nedenfor.

Dear members and friends of EHA
EHA is this year able to give a Christmas present to all HD affected throughout Europe!

We are happy to announce that from today, November 24th the service Ask the doctor is available on our webpage www.eurohuntington.org .

From today anybody can send a message and ask a knowledgeable doctor about HD.  The doctor is really a team lead by Dr. Alzbeta Muehlbaeck.  She is a neuropsychiatrist and head of department of neuropsychiatry at Isar-Amper-Klinikum of Taufkircken near Munich, Germany.  She is a very experienced doctor and the hospital have 20 beds for HD patients. In addition, they see around 400 HD cases pr year at the ambulant centre. Ask the doctor questions will be handled by Alzbeta herself or some of her colleagues in the HD team.  You can see an interview with her here:

Ask the doctor will handle questions in English, German, Slovak, Czech, Serbo-Croatian and Turkish.

We are very proud to be able to provide this service and hopefully it will be helpful for HD affected who seeks advice.  We hope that you will announce this good news and Christmas present on your webpage and create a link to it.

Astri Arnesen
President European Huntington Association